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The Salt Shaker: Winnie-ther-Pooh, Boomer mistakes, and Stock Market Mascots

Being a dad rocks! I’m sure there will be a lot of trying times to come, but the past couple months have been amazing as we get to know our little guy, and he gets to know us. Now that he’s smiling and talking up a storm, there is balance to the crying.

I’ve been reading Winnie the Pooh to him, and he seems to really enjoy it. I should say he seems to enjoy the rhythm of my voice. (If there is anything I learned from 1980s movies, it came from Three Men and a Baby: “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” or something to that effect.) I couldn’t agree more.

As I get more and more used to my new parental role, I’m also starting to find some time to read a little more online (that isn’t baby related). Here are a few interesting things I’ve come across recently:


  1. Andrew Hallam says we can learn from the mistakes the Baby Boom has made.
  2. Money Smarts Blog give a good breakdown of the RRSP Home Buyers Plan.
  3. Larry MacDonald says the high Canadian dollar creates a good chance to invest in the U.S. … but wonders what to buy.
  4. Canadian Capitalist posts some highlights from the most recent Berkshire Hathaway annual report.
  5. Invest It Wisely had a guest post about South Korea.
  6. Investing Thesis has an interesting energy interview with a portfolio manager.
  7. Canadian Finance Blog talks about calculating your ACB.


  1. The Tokyo stock exchange, in a bid to attract young investors,  has a new mascot.
  2. Perhaps feeling like they’re missing out as they watched Goldman buy into Facebook… JP Morgan is trying to buy into Twitter.
  3. WSJ This Morning has a good list of jobs you should have by 30, and some lessons learned from each.


  1. Canadian Finance Carnival
  2. Canadian Personal Finance and Investing Carnival

Hope everyone has a great week!


The Salt Shaker: Facebook Down, RESP Book, and Credit Card 2.0

It seems that  Facebook was down for a couple of days in late September. I’m not a big Facebook user (I check it every few days, and am always met with the “300+ recent posts” icon ) so didn’t even know about the problem until recently.

A Completely Fictional Chart

In possibly related news, here’s what Canada’s GDP numbers looked like for September. Looks like productivity went through the roof around the 22nd and 23rd. Wonder why?

(The Facebook downtime to GDP chart is a creation of ISO Salt Corp. and is in not to be used as fact.)

On to some interesting things I came across this past week:




The Salt Shaker: Canadian Citizenship and Japanese Lunchbreaks

I had two national holidays last week, and yet somehow, I was busier than most weeks. As such, I think I was only at my computer for a total of maybe two hours. I didn’t get much reading done, but here is a list of what I did come across.

Canadians born abroad should take special note of the first two links.



And that’s about all I had the time to read the in the past week, if memory serves correctly. In other news, I have fixed the link in the sidebar to the S&P data on actively managed funds vs. indexes, and my interview notes from the Canadian Trade Commissioner to Japan will be uploaded this week.

The Salt Shaker: ETFs, Carnivals, and Trade Commissioners

The Salt Shaker is an ongoing post theme that will highlight some of the interesting articles related to personal finance, business, or economics that I come across. Until now I have published the Salt Shaker (formerly called Weekend Reading) on a bi-weekly basis, but from today onward I will be publishing it weekly. It will be the first post of each week. So without further delay, here are some goodies in no particular order:


Blog Carnivals

As for In Search of Salt, I just got back from a fascinating interview with a Canadian Trade Commissioner to Japan. I expect to have an article based on that interview on the site within the next week to ten days. Check back or subscribe to the blog to read that.

Hope everyone has a great week.