1. The Author

I am a Canadian in my early 30s who has been living in Japan and working as a high school English teacher since 2002.  For the past five years I have also been running an English teaching business in the evenings and on weekends.

Married in 2008, my wife and I had our first child (a boy) in December of 2010.

When I came to Japan I put my finances half on auto-pilot (set up automatic withdrawals for my student loans, got my tax situation pretty much in order) and half neglected (didn’t do some things I should have regarding OHIP and CPP, stopped watching my investments).

Since 2007 I have been doing much more in the stream of personal learning and investing. This was owing mostly to a higher paying job and having started my own teaching business, which allowed me to pay off my student loans earlier than planned, and needing to find a place to direct my excess capital.  I am currently planning and studying for a career switch for our probable future move to Canada.

A snapshot of my investing style and history can be found in this Globe and Mail article.

I am not an expert, financial planner, nor any other kind of industry insider. I am merely a person who looks at my surroundings, asks what’s best, and tries to find answers as to the best course of action.

2. This Blog

First off, I’ll address the blog title, as I’m sure there are some to whom the salt reference is a mystery.  It is near impossible for me to write briefly about the interesting history and importance of salt, so all I will say is that although salt is very cheap now, it wasn’t always. (My infatuation with the importance of salt is also rather recent, and began when I was given “Salt: A World History” as a present a few years ago.)

Until the 20th century salt and economics were fully intertwined. It created economies and cities, it caused and funded wars, it made and lost fortunes, and its quality was status. In some cases, it was what money was for. It has given us a wealth of related words and phrases.

The photo used as the header of this blog is of a piece of Himalayan pink rock salt that I have, and some shavings from it.

As for the content… no, I do not plan to write about salt, though it may pop up in an entry or two. The plan is to have a place that I can work out ideas, voice opinions, offer some help to other Canadians living abroad by documenting my related experiences and findings, and hopefully have a good discussion or two with readers.

Regardless of how or why you came here… thanks for stopping by.