The Salt Shaker

No, this is not a short story with an interesting title, it is a re-branding of what I formerly called “Weekend Reading.” The name change is partially to bring it inline with the blog title, and also because since finally learning about RSS feeds, I no longer have crazy Sundays of financial blog reading.

Other than the name, nothing has really changed with the concept. On to some of the articles I found interesting.

  1. Last week I had a few posts outlining the carry trade and exchange rates. If you would like to see a visual explanation, you should watch this carry trade video by Paddy Hirsch which also talks about why it is a possible problem in the States now.
  2. Canadian Capitalist summarizes a report that asks if Investment Advisors add value. The findings? They are much like babysitters: you pay them a fee to do something that you could do better. Maybe a little harsh, but correct in some circumstances.
  3. In another precis, Larry MacDonald looks at a paper that talks about the less desirable effect of index funds… that they can make it harder to evaluate active management.
  4. This post at Million Dollar Journey is a basic introduction to corporate bonds. It looks like a part II will be coming soon.
  5. I love posts on credit, and Canadian Finance Blog has one on using credit cards correctly, including some things you might not think about your card as being useful for.
  6. Invest It Wisely talks about investing in Vanguard funds using ETFs, and also compares them to the fund version.
  7. Mr. Cheap officially announced that he will be leaving the Money Smarts blog. He will be missed.
  8. Where Does All My Money Go? points us to a new tool to look up IIROC licensed advisors.
  9. Canadian Couch Potato says all portfolios need bonds. Very good point. And contrary to common belief, I would say that bonds can be fascinating.

Hope readers in Canada had a good Labour Day weekend!


4 responses to “The Salt Shaker

  1. Kevin@InvestItWisely

    Thanks for including my article in your wrapup!

  2. @Kevin – I enjoyed reading your comparison. I don’t own any ETFs yet, but I probably will sometime in the future.

  3. @Tom – I think I felt the same way when I got my credit card in first year university… a blend of feeling adult, and of fearing the Man.

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