Weekend Reading

Just a few of the interesting articles I have come across recently:

  1. The past couple weeks in the world of Canadian blogging has seen a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the creators of a marketing website which claims to be able to introduce you to a strategy that can save you up to 100% of taxes. Interested parties should see Preet’s post (which has further links to the back story) and listen to his interview with one of the (as I see it) pawns for the Mastermind of this program.
  2. Million Dollar Journey has a crash course in how living abroad affects your Canadian tax situation. As a Canadian living abroad, I disagree with some of the statements, but it is generally accurate.
  3. Money Smarts has a great post about taking money OUT of an RESP. I am just about the enter the years where I put money IN to an RESP, but great to know for the future.
  4. Canadian Capitalist reported that ING Direct will begin a no-fee chequing account in 2011. I think when we move back to Canada we will go with PC Financial, but it’s nice to know there are some other players.
  5. I thought this post at Thicken My Wallet was great: it compares switching investment strategies to thinking you can be better at golf by buying a more expensive club.
  6. Keeping with the sports motif, Andrew Hallam has a tennis analogy that looks at the track record of “great” fund managers vs. a basket of terrible stocks… 15 – love, it seems.
  7. Canadian Finance Blog had a good post on marginal tax rates and how it relates to your RRSP.
  8. The Financial Blogger says that investing in the U.S. now while the Canadian Dollar is high is something to consider. I agree, and have added to my U.S. holdings on money I exchanged at par or above.
  9. Canadian Couch Potato cautions against putting your short-term cash into high-yield/high-risk funds. The last line killed me…actually, there were a few good ones in the post.
  10. Provident Planning hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance this week. There is an amazingly long list of other great articles in that post, so drop by if you are looking for some further reading.

Hope everyone has a great week.


6 responses to “Weekend Reading

  1. Thanks for the mention, and glad you liked the post. I like salt on my potatoes.

  2. Thanks for the link.

    I’m still in the RESP contribution phase as well.


  3. @Potato: No problem at all. Salt can be good… especially in this heat. As for your post, I find it hard to resist any sarcastic use of cold fusion. Hilarious.

    @Mike: Don’t mention it. I’m just starting to read all the information on all of the blogs about RESPs. Our first is due in January.

    @TMW: Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed the article. Thanks.

  4. No problem, Tom. I found the article interesting. Personally, I had never thought about RRSP contributions that way.

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