Spending Can Be Good

Generally speaking, the premise of this blog is to talk about ways to save, invest, and avoid wasting money, as well as to speak of topics specific to Canadians living abroad.

But let’s face it: we save money for the sake of enjoying it.

Anyone who forgets that is doomed to face either the three ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, or the fate of Silas Marner, who built his fortune only to have it stolen away from him.

My wife and I are great savers. We enjoy earning cash and bookkeeping our income and outcome. But it is all with purpose.

We are approaching out 2-year anniversary, and as I only had a limited amount of time off this summer, we decided to celebrate a little early by taking a trip and some time for ourselves.

Some will remember that I made some re-posts a week or so back, and that is because we were off to a natural hot spa, enjoying the water of a volcanic country, as well as the various local foods that can be found throughout Japan.

A back of the envelope calculation tells me that we spent about $600 Canadian (including lodgings, food, transportation and gifts) for a one-night, two-day stay in a spa area about two and a half hours from where we live.

Do we regret any of if? … Not one single cent (yen).

Years ago I would have thought that a ridiculous amount of money to spend for 48 hours, but at this point in my life I think that – not only am I grateful for the fact that I have a business that allows me such occasional self-pampering, but also for the fact that I have such a great wife/partner/spouse to spend that money with.

I respect Warren Buffet immensely, but I remember reading about what he said when his wife spent a certain amount of money on new furnishings for their house (at the time a remarkable amount): he said something to the effect of “Do you know what that is compounded over 30 years?”

Fair enough. I could compound my $600 over several years and have a good amount of money. But I guarantee that it wouldn’t bring me the satisfaction that was brought by relaxing 48 hours with my wife, while enjoying several seismic baths,  great food and great atmosphere.

Remember: even Ebenezer Scrooge and Silas Marner were brought around to the beauty of humanity over money eventually.

5 responses to “Spending Can Be Good

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  2. Balance is really the key. I no longer fret over the money I spend on Angels tickets or camping, because I save 20%, before I spend a dime. I could save 30% and not have any fun, but then what’s the point. Time is becoming much more precious than money to us.

  3. Hi Bret,

    Thanks for commenting again. I agree completely that balance is the key, and that as long as we are in the black, we should enjoy some of the fruits of our labour.

    We’re expecting our first child in January, so a little bit of this trip was also “We really won’t have much time for ourselves for a while, so let’s take advantage of our situation now.”


    P.S. I enjoyed your posts on what you learned from your parents. Great to read. Thanks.

  4. Myke,

    Congrats on the first child. You have some fun times ahead.


  5. Thanks a lot, Bret.
    It changes some perspectives, that’s for sure.

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