Weekend Reading

I’ve just gotten home from one of my evening teaching positions, meaning that I am now officially on vacation! One entire week free of lesson plans and worksheets. I have had some reading time recently, though, and here are some great posts I’ve come across the past couple weeks.

  1. Michael James says pet insurance is not worth the cost… I didn’t even know there was such insurance, but I am not surprised.
  2. Canadian Capitalist warns about (and breaks down some of the fast talking of) Money Mechanics, a firm a step away from selling some prime Manitoba ocean-front property.
  3. Larry MacDonald at Canadian Business Online offers up some more information on the above mentioned mechanics of money, including their lack of a business address, and a lifetime ban by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA). (See comments for the ban confirmation).
  4. As a lover of road-side vendors and local markets, I enjoyed this post at Canadian Finance Blog, which talks about the money-saving benefits of farmers’ markets.
  5. A recently discovered social problem here in Japan (which is well thought to have the longest life-expectancy) is that there are MANY unaccounted for people on the books. The problem was realized because of the discovery of a mummified man suspected to have  died in 1978, but who was listed as being 111 years old.
  6. I think more people should be aware of their credit scores and histories, which is why I enjoyed this article at BankNerd that talks about what can affect your credit score.
  7. In a ridiculous case of trying to capitalize on popularity, Where Does All My Money Go found out that BMO is planning to change the name of some of their mutual funds to include the term “ETF.”
  8. Balance Junkie has an article about why the markets could (should?) be lower… but aren’t. This post also has a lot of links to other articles, so you double the reading pleasure.
  9. Gotta love the Squawkfox blog. She has just saved a lot of people a lot of money by showing (with photos) that microwave popcorn can be made with nothing more than popcorn, a paper bag, and a microwave. Cheers for this!
  10. I can identify with this post on pack-rat-syndrome at Money Smarts; I used to collect baseball and hockey cards as well as comics. And yup… I also still have everything.
  11. I love dividends, and Million Dollar Journey has an easy to follow post on how to calculate dividend payout rations.
  12. Paddy Hirsch shows in a whiteboard video that shadow banking is still big… and still dangerous.

Hope all are enjoying these summer days. Now that I’m on vacation, I’ll hopefully be able to enjoy some myself.


3 responses to “Weekend Reading

  1. Thank you so much for the linky mention. The popcorn post was fun to write. 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks for the link!

  3. Squawkfox – Well, I can’t wait to try it myself… I just need to find popcorn.

    Money Smarts – I enjoyed the post. I think it will inspire a comic and sports card post of my own. They must be worth millions by now 😉 I’ll have to pick up a price guide.

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