How Does One Repeat Success?

I’ve just finished being the MC for four days of teacher training and workshops in my city. I had one conference on Thursday and Friday of last week, and the same conference (with different teachers) yesterday and today.

First, let me say that last week went smashingly. It was a really tight schedule (the BOE had decided the material that had to be dealt with) and I was assigned with two main jobs: first, making sure we got through all the material, and second, making sure everyone did task one in an awake state. I had a great group of presenters working with me, and have to toot my own vuvuzela that I kept the day moving upbeatsmoothly        and        ontimehumorously.

The self-reflection came Saturday.

With the exact same conference on Monday and Tuesday, I was faced with a dilemma: re-hash the same jokes, one-liners and comments (which were ad-lib) that gained me a lot of positive feedback on Friday, or denounce them and risk crash and burn at the second conference.


We have conflicting statements ingrained into our subconscious: “don’t mess with success,” and “change is for the better.” We are told “history repeats itself,” yet Zen tells us “you can never step into the same river twice.”

Segue to investing for a moment, if you will.

Sometimes we, as investors, make a good decisions. Sometimes we make a few in a row. Sometimes it feels like it is raining brilliance. No matter what, the question remains: “do I continue on this path? or do I change course?”

Some of us feel that this current recession was a blessing. We were able to take advantage of fear and propel our portfolios forward in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. But where do we go from here?  The quick and massive gains are possibly a thing of the past, and the future may not be as bright as we would like it to be.

I think it comes down to the same decision I made regarding my teachers conference: we need to read the room. There are possibilities that some choices from the past may continue to work. But for the most part, I think we will need to gauge the market, see what fits, and feel what may work.

And for those curious about my role as MC yesterday and today… the teaching seminars went swimmingly.



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