Another RBC Direct Investing RRSP Update

Back in May I gave an update after I moved all my U.S. securities held in my RRSP back into American dollars. Feel free to take a look at the original post to get the back-story.

I was quite happy in that email as it seemed my problem had been resolved after a quick 15 minute phone call. Well it looks like RBC was having some more growing pains than I thought, because after about 1 week there was no change to my account; there was still no book value listed for my securities.

So I called again and had another 15 minute or so chat with a call rep who said there was a record of my call, and the instruction to calculate my book value, but for some reason nothing was ever done.

He apologized and said my book value would show up in about three days. This was half-true… A book value was listed on my site in about three days. The problem is that it wasn’t the correct book value for my securities.

The thing was that I had bought a particular security 2 times, but only one of my purchases was listed as my book value. So last week I went through the motions again, calling them and having them re-calculate.

It finally seems that things are correct. Let’s just hope it stays that way.


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