Blog Updates

It’s the end of the term here, which means the majority of my time is marking late assignments, calculating the non-tangible things like “participation” and “attitude,” and implementing those marks into the school’s database. As such, posts have been lacking in the past week.

This is something I need to improve on.

However, I have added a few things “behind the scenes” that I would like to point out:

Two are new tabs located at the top. The first is a simple contact form. I get some questions now and then about a post, but these are from people who know my address. Now, anyone can write an email. Feel free to make comments, ask for further explanation on posts etc.

The second is a work in progress that I hope will keep growing as the posts continue. It is a simple glossary of terms that appear in my posts. As of right now it is a little behind, but I expect it to be caught up to my posts by the end of the week. As I mention on that page, it is not meant to be an extensive glossary of financial terms, nor is each entry meant to be an in-depth look at the term in question.

Instead, it is meant to be a starting point. If I use a term in a post that you don’t understand, you could check the glossary for a simple explanation as to its meaning. If you wish to learn more about the term or idea, you could research it on your own, or write an email asking me to explain the term in more detail. If I can, I will; if I can’t, I will point you in the right direction.

The last is a reminder that there is a subscription form in the sidebar located under the search box. Signing up means that whenever I write a post you will be notified by email with a link. Some people find this easier than checking back manually.


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