Weekend Reading

Remarkably, I have been able to pull myself away from the World Cup  for a moment or two to keep up with the world of finance and economics… though only a moment or two. Here are some interesting or important articles I came across this past week.

  1. Though Canada’s athletes didn’t quite make the grade, at least our grass was able to make it to South Africa… and be featured in every match.
  2. Canadian Capitalist talks about how some Canadians misunderstood the TFSA contribution rules, over contributed, and were nailed with massive tax bills.
  3. He then wrote anther post on how you could apply for tax relief if the mistake was an honest one, and if the request is made in a reasonable amount of time.
  4. The author of “Where Does All My Money Go” has started a podcast that will recap his posts from the week.
  5. Michael James on Money talks about the problems with trying to tax the rich… ie, they are rich because they are crafty, and crafty people avoid tax.
  6. BankNerd takes a look at the new cash-back Visa card offered at RBC.
  7. Million Dollar Journey looks at how to value a REIT… because of how depreciation is treated in the books, they may be better off than they appear.
  8. Canadian Mortgage Trends looks at the issue of mortgage lenders, Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, and Social Insurance Numbers.
  9. An investment firm is offering victims of Bernard Madoff to sell their claims for 20 cents on the dollar.
  10. Speaking of investment schemes, anyone who thinks the mob just sells cigarettes and DVD players that “fell off a truck” should think again. A $12 million dollar scheme was uncovered this month.

Other than that, a Happy Father’s Day to any of you dads out there. Hope you had a relaxing day off.


2 responses to “Weekend Reading

  1. Thanks for the mention! Cheers.

  2. No problem.
    And thank you for stopping by. I enjoy your articles daily.

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