Weekend Reading

It was a very rainy weekend here, so I was able to get in a bit of web-surfing as well as a lot of studying. Here’s a list of some of the more interesting things I found in the world of finance.

1. Paddy Hirsch at Marketplace explains, in his usual brilliant and easy-to-understand-whiteboard-way, why Goldman is in trouble with the SEC, and what exactly they did.

2. Norb Vonnegut at Acrimoney questions what financial reforms are out to accomplish.

3. The Canadian Capitalist shows an intriguing way to save on currency conversion using a form of arbitrage.

4. Michael James writes about Periodic vs. Threshold rebalancing, and illustrates with an example.

5. BankNerd reports about an interesting BMO package for new comers to Canada.

6. Preet Banerjee at Where Does All My Money Go? is giving away an iPad to a lucky reader.

Speaking of giveaway contests, I remind readers that there is still an unclaimed prize somewhere on this blog. You’ll have to read through some old posts to find it, though.

Other than that, I envy you all for having the day off today…


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