A Look at the WestJet MasterCard

I’m in the market for a second credit card (for a reason I’ll explain in a future post) and thought the new WestJet MasterCard from RBC would be the thing. I’m not so sure anymore.

The reasons I was interested in it were:

  1. One percent of all purchases (or 1.5% for the premium card) would accumulate in WestJet “dollars” that could then be used to buy WestJet tickets.
  2. I thought the 1% card may be fee-free.
  3. I figure we will be flying a fair amount once we move to Canada, so stocking up on WestJet dollars would be of future use.
  4. It is through RBC, meaning I can easily take care of it through my online banking.

Then they announced further details of the cards. The basic card will have an annual fee of $39, and the premium card will carry a charge of $79. At $39, you would have to charge $3900 to your card just to break even of the annual fee, assuming normal purchases. Not exactly what I have in mind as a second card.

The first year would be a little cheaper, however, as the first time you use the card you are given $25 WestJet dollars ($100 for the premium card) meaning that the first year you only need to charge $1400 to break even.

Depending on your situation, how much you charge, and how much you fly, this card may be for you. If you do fly often, a bonus of 0.5% is added when you use your card to pay for WestJet tickets. Considering¬†I currently only put about $2500 on my main card per year, I’ll have to do a little more thinking.


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